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Four components and principle of industrial chiller

Industry News
2018/04/03 11:54
Industrialchillerfourcomponentsintroduced: 1.Compressor Theroleoftherefrigerationcompressoristosucktherefrigerantvaporintheevaporatorandcompressittothecondensingpressure.Thenitisdischargedtothecondens

Industrial chiller four components introduced:


1. Compressor


The role of the refrigeration compressor is to suck the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator and compress it to the condensing pressure. Then it is discharged to the condenser. Commonly used compressors are piston type, centrifugal type, screw type, rolling rotor and slide type. Wait. East Yuejin is a piston compressor for hermetically sealed chillers and a screw chiller is a screw compressor.


2, condenser


The function of the condenser is to condense the high-temperature refrigerant vapor from the compressor into a liquid. During the condensation process, the refrigerant vapor releases heat and therefore needs to be cooled with water or air. At present, the evaporator used by Nanjing Dechang Machinery is manufactured by a company that specializes in producing pressure vessels. It is safe, has a pressure vessel certificate, has good sealing properties, and has a strong heat exchange capability, and is easy to clean and maintain. More commonly used shell tube condenser, fin condenser.


3, throttling equipment


The function of the throttling mechanism is that when the refrigerant liquid flows through the throttling mechanism, the pressure drops from the condensing pressure to the evaporating pressure, and part of the liquid is converted into steam. Commonly used throttling mechanisms include capillary tubes, manual throttle valves, thermal expansion valves, floating ball control valves, etc. Capillary tubes do not have an adjustment function, and the other three types of throttle valves can regulate the flow of refrigerant into the chiller evaporator to adapt to refrigeration. Changes in the load, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the cooling capacity.


4, evaporator


The role of the evaporator is to evaporate the refrigerant liquid into vapor to absorb the heat of the cooled object. The evaporator is a device that outputs the cooling capacity to the outside, and the output cooling can cool the liquid refrigerant and also directly cool the air. It has a choice of single loop, double loop, or triple loop.