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2013 central air-conditioning multi-line market activity continues to increase

Industry News
2018/04/03 11:55

The year of 2013 as the third year of China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is also a highlight of the policy. After the implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", favorable policy policies will be revealed. Under the background that the overall domestic economy started to improve, the central air-conditioning industry began to gradually emerge from the 2012 downturn in 2013, and the recovery trend showed obvious performance. With the rapid rebound of the real estate industry, sales in the central air-conditioning industry, especially the multi-line market, began to grow rapidly and the market began to pick up. In addition to the impact of the real estate industry's recovery, the country's strong support in industrial policy and energy conservation and environmental protection, a series of policy support also supported the recovery of the central air-conditioning industry.


The recovery of demand, steady growth, and structural improvement are the main theme of the central air-conditioning industry in 2013. “Refreshing” is the most important keyword in the industry. The growth rate of more than 8% is an extraordinary recovery for the industry, especially in the multi-line market. In 2013, the central air-conditioning market was always active and the market capacity grew rapidly. The momentum is rapid.


With huge market capacity and high market growth rate, many air-conditioning companies have seen tremendous opportunities in the multi-line market and have begun to intensify efforts to attack multiple online markets, making new products in multiple online markets frequent and entering this year. The number of companies has increased and the competition has become more intense.


Multi-line industry dominance is difficult to shake


Looking at the central air-conditioning market in 2013, the product with the highest heat is undoubtedly multi-connected, the market capacity has reached 19.6 billion yuan, the market capacity has reached 34%, and the growth rate has reached 16.70%, especially in East China, maintaining high-speed growth for many years. Its market dominance has also become more stable.